Posted Tue 18 May 2010 15:52 under category personal

So, Sunday was my college graduation. I'm now a college graduate. Wow, that's weird to write. If you're curious about we details, I hold a Bacheleor of Science in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College with overall academic distinction and with departmental honors in two departments. Woo.

It's really weird to be done. I keep expecting that this will just be a break, that things will be back to normal soon. I'd really gotten used to things at Mudd, I was really happy there. Mudders: I already miss you. In retrospect, there are a lot of things that I should have done and didn't, and a lot of things that I did do and should have done more of. And some things, mostly of the work variety, that I could have stood to do less of. But it was still an awesome time at a great school. Rating: A+++, would study again.

You may ask what I'm doing now. Well, I'll be starting work at Yelp in a couple of weeks. For the time being, I'm hanging out in LA (technically, Calabasas) mooching off of some relatives. It's nice and relaxing but, well, it's not Mudd. I suppose I shouldn't expect that it would be... If anybody is in the area and wants to say hi in the next couple of weeks, let me know. I'll probably be in San Francisco for a couple of days soon to look at apartments. Still trying to sort that out.

By the way, this post was written on my iPad using the software keyboard and Mobile Safari. It's pretty cool.