Life Update: Moved

Posted Sun 11 November 2018 22:30 under category personal

Hello infrequent readers: here's a piece of good news for once: as of October 27th, I've moved! $SPOUSE and I now live in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley, California in a nice little two-bedroom one-and-a-half-bedroom single-family residence. It's a little surreal; even though where we live has a pretty nice mixed-use vibe (there's an apartment building around the corner, a bunch of restaurants nearby, and a Whole Foods only a few blocks away), it's still practically rural compared to the apartment in the Tendernob that I've lived in for the last eight years1.

It's been a stressful move; the house is in a great location, but needed a lot of love, and we've really only started. I insisted on having the house rewired before we moved in (it was circa-1914 knob-and-tube, which isn't capable of being grounded, much less of having modern safety features2), which cost a fortune and (of course) ran three weeks over schedule and ended up getting finished the week after we moved in. Ah well; it's done now and everything is glorious and up-to-code3. Check out this terrifying old receptacle we had removed:

terrifying fixture

Now that the wiring's done, we can start working on the roof and refinishing the floors and painting an infinite number of things and, well, I guess it's kind of a stereotype that home maintenance is a neverending project, eh?

I guess I'll write more about this as time goes on, but if you're in Berkeley and want to hang out, well, I'm a lot closer now. You know how to reach me.

I'll leave you with this picture of a mischievous bunny tasting my laptop.



  1. Which is, I guess, going to be on the market soon. Let me know if you want me to put in a good word for you with my old landlord. 

  2. Yes, I know, you can technically put a GFCI/AFCI on an ungrounded receptacle; don't do that. 

  3. Go ahead, ask me my opinion on California Title 24 Part 6 Joint Appendix 8, I dare you.