Crime Happened

Today we got a nasty surprise in the form of an email from my next-door neighbor informing me that somebody had attempted to break into our home1! An hour later (while I was on my way home from work), we got another email indicating that the suspect had been arrested.

Apparently, someone was messing around with the lock on the gate to our backyard and my next-door neighbor yelled at them. They hopped the fence, so he called the police and yelled at them some more. They fled. The police came2 , patrolled the neighborhood, and caught the guy breaking into a house a couple of blocks away.

Nothing was stolen or damaged (except some flowers the police stepped on while poking around the backyard to look for clues), but an unsettling event for sure!

  1. for more details about said home, see this article 

  2. about five minutes later — super-quick response for a prowler who ran away when yelled at