It's like being Slashdotted, but it's not 2002 any more

So, my etcd post was cross-posted to Hacker News and Reddit and probably more places. For the good of my own sanity, I'm not going to try to read through the comment threads on those other sites; generally, I try to avoid Hacker News anyway1. Just some brief, off-the-cuff follow-ups:

  • Yes, I recognize that the post from the other day was, uh, inflammatory. I did not write it as a persuasive thinkpiece targeted at the critical 18-25 demo or whatever. It's just some notes while I was in the process of rewriting some software from the etcd v2 API to the v3 API2.
  • This is my damned website and I'm going to be as snarky as I want, Anonymous Coward from 13 hours ago.
  • All nine million of you who wrote to me are absolutely right: as a user of open-source software I have the right to fork it if they decide to pull out the v2 API. I'm not super-interested in becoming the de facto maintainer of a database, particularly not one in a language that don't use very often, but I do have that right and ability. Thank you for writing to me.
  • Non-sarcastic thanks to everyone who pointed out typos and issues in the original post. Fun fact: Layer 3 and Layer 4 in the OSI model are not the same thing.
  • If you agree with me that simplicity is a virtue in software architecture and we embrace too many things that look like 90's-era Microsoft APIs, how about really driving it home by giving some money or time to Black Lives Matter, the SPLC, the ACLU, or other organizations working to simplify and improve our civil lives3?
  • If you vehemently disagree with me and think I'm human scum for not embracing the glorious combination of systemd, kubernetes, and the Registry Hive, why don't you really pwn me by donating money or time to an organization whose website probably runs on some k8s cluster somewhere like Black Lives Matter, the SPLC, or the ACLU?

Many thanks to DreamHost for successfully seeing this static-HTML website through a big traffic spike. I've been a customer for like 15 years and so far so good.

  1. I find that Hacker News is really good at attracting people who think technology is cool, which is a particularly dangerous thing for anyone who actually expects to work in the tech industry. Computers are awful. You need to really embrace the hatred before you can be an effective technologist. 

  2. Yes, dear commenters, I do actually use the tools I complain about 

  3. This metaphor isn't a stretch at all, why do you ask?