Summertime California Sky

It's 9:45am on a cloudless Wednesday morning here in summertime California.

apocalyptic orange skies

My light meter reads 14 lux pointed directly at the sky — about as much as the middle of the night (with local light pollution), or about 1/1000 as much as a normal morning. They tell me that the skies are this apocalyptic shade of red due to the smoke from the 16 major wildfires currently burning in California1. Local news has plenty to say on the cause if you want to read up. Damn if it isn't disconcerting to live through, though.

What world did I bring my son into? Remember, this is probably going to be one of the cooler years over the next century… Vote, friends. Vote like your lives depend on it.

  1. Including the LNU Lightning Fire Complex at 375,209 acres; the SCU Lightning Fire Complex at 396,624 acres; the CZU August Lightning Complex at 86,509 acres; and the Creek Fire at 163,138 acres. And also the El Dorado fire at at about 9,600 acres, which is notable because it was sparked by idiots who should not have access to pyrotechnic devices… or children…. Collectively these fires are burning an area twice the size of Rhode Island