Mastodon Move

Unfortunately, the Mastodon server I've been on for the last few years (; since 2018) is shutting down next month. Thankfully, the decentralized nature of Mastodon means that it's pretty easy to jump ship to another server1, and there are even semi-automated migration tools. Since Twitter seems to be about to dive back into being the hosting platform of choice for neo-nazis, I don't want there to be any gap in my Fediverse access; I've set up a new Mastodon account at @roguelazer@tenforward.social2. Hopefully it'll be another great community, like was.

  1. Compare and contrast to how annoying it was when shut down in 2014 

  2. is, of course, named after the bar on the Enterprise-D in TNG. It seems to have originally been Star Trek-themed, but now is just generally nerdy.