Mastodon Move (Again)

I know I just moved mastodon servers three months ago, but unfortunately just wasn't working out for me. I do like Star Trek, but my initial impression had been that the community would be a little more general interest, and unfortunately the Local Timeline ended up looking a bit more like a 90's era single-subject forum than I'd like. So, anyhow, I've moved to (specifically, to, which is a tech-focused instance and where a lot of folks from ended up going.

Beyond that, the fact that it was a small instance with a single moderator meant that there were some things I disagreed with (like the total defederation with,, and and sometimes it just felt like a little more friction than I want in my life right now.

Hopefully this will be my last move for a while and there will not be any more metaposting about Mastodon on here.

While I was fixing things, I also got my keyoxide profile all fixed up. Hooray green checkmarks!

In unrelated news, I've been playing with Zola as a static generator to replace Pelican, which this blog uses right now. So maybe, if I can find a few free hours to convert over the minor syntax differences, y'all will get a metapost about that some time soon.


  1. This is not at all a dig against Guinan; in fact, I was able to persuade them to drop the bans on and It's just got to be hard to do moderation less subtle than "drop the ban hammer" as one person.