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What's on TV (May 1, 2021)

Just Finished

For All Mankind Season Two. This season had a lot of slow moments, and more of Karen than I really wanted but holy shit did those final two episodes deliver. If you've bought an Apple product in the last couple of years, you get this for free, so you might as well watch it!

Half-Way Through

Babylon 5 Season Three. I'd never seen any B5 and $SPOUSE and I decided to watch it over lockdown. It's pretty fun seeing how much DS9 stole from this show. My main complaint is that I don't really care about any of …

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On the Decline of Zipcar


I haven't owned a car in twelve years. Since I moved to San Francisco, I've exclusively relied on public transit, taxis/Uber, and the occasional rental car to get me where I'm going when I need to go somewhere. In general, this has worked well for me — I can get where I need to go, and most of the time I'm not emitting 300g of CO2 per person-mile the way an individual car does. On the rare occasions that I need to drive somewhere by myself (often to the vet, since rabbits really aren't good at public transit), my …

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Random Thought

The underlying principal of free-market economics is that individual actors will, in the aggregate, make optimal choices. Why should we believe this to be true?


I've been playing with The Gimp a bit recently, using edge-detection, colorization, and some other filters on some of my photos to make vaguely-abstract desktop backgrounds. I think it's worked pretty well, so I'm posting a few of the things I made here. Well, more specifically, over at Flickr]. Let me know what you think.


So, I working on my algs problem set just now; which is to say, I was browsing the web and trying very hard not to think about amortized runtime analysis. Anyhow, I found this awesome webcomic called minus. I know, I know, I'm years behind the curve, and it's a little… odd. But it has a persistently beautiful surrealism to it. Anyhow, you all should go read it. And, of course, all of the other webcomics I read are listed under "Links" above.