Posted Sun 11 March 2007 22:58 under category personal

Yep, I'm back in Fall River. The plane ride (Sat. Mar. 10) was, as expected, painful and long. But I am indeed home. Yay me.

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My Geek Code

Posted Wed 21 February 2007 12:48 under category personal

As I sit in the VLSI lab waiting to meet with Prof. Harris and the rest of the Clay-Wolkin group, I thought I'd post my Geek Code on this blog. Ya know, just for fun.

Version: 3.1.2
GCS/M/MU d-(+) s:+(:++) a18 C++++$ UL*++++>$ P+>++ L++++$
E--- W+++>$ N++ !o K w++(--) !O- M++$ !V-- PS+(++) PE(-)
Y+>+ PGP++(+++) t+ 5- X+ R tv b++++>$ DI+ D++ G++ e>++++ h
!r-->++ y-->+
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Crazy weather...

Posted Sun 18 February 2007 17:24 under category personal

What's the matter with southern California, eh? It was 81 degrees Fahrenheit here yesterday! It's FEBRUARY! The way I understand it, that means snow and ice. At the very least, shouldn't it be cold enough to require long pants? Crazy weather...

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Freedom! (almost)

Posted Fri 16 February 2007 01:31 under category personal

So, only one more day left in the week, and I've only got two classes. Then it's the week-end! Woo!

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My Baby Taylor

Posted Thu 15 February 2007 01:18 under category personal

Baby Taylor

I almost forgot to mention... I bought a guitar! I was looking for something small and dorm-room-ish and ended up narrowing it down to either a Martin Backpacker, a Little Martin, or a Baby Taylor (of either the mahogany or spruce variety). After playing all three, the Backpacker sounded like it was being played from inside a tin can and the Little Martin sounded like it was underwater. Both Babys sounded absolutely excellent, and I ended up going with the mahogany for its slightly richer tone and great look. So far, it's been treating me pretty well, but I ...

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Another day, another dollar

Posted Thu 15 February 2007 00:43 under category personal

Hello again invisible readers. Just thought I'd relate all of the terribly interesting things that have been happening lately...

  • Chemistry test today. Could have been much worse. Trust me. Quantum chemistry can get hairy, but it didn't.
  • Did some more work on CSS/PROFILE today. Eugh. Can't the various people who want to know about my finances (IRS, Department of Education, College Board, Harvey Mudd, Bank of America, etc.) just get together and only make me go through all of this once instead of a million times?
  • Watched yesterday's House today. 'twas awesome, 'nuff said.
  • Also ...
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