(end primaries)

Posted Tue 03 June 2008 21:35 under category politics

Relying on the numbers of my friend Martin Pyne, the 2008 Democratic Primary is over and Barrack Obama is the winner. Woo!

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Randall Munroe says it better than I can

Posted Mon 28 January 2008 18:08 under category politics


Posted Thu 03 January 2008 22:17 under category politics

So, the news stations are calling the Iowa primary. And, I guess I'm happy. On the one hand, my preferred presidential candidate, Barack Obama, is being hailed as the winner of the Democratic primary. Which is awesome. I think his progressive policies are a breath of fresh air to the White House, and I think that it's time for this country to show the world that it is big enough to elect a man to the Oval Office even if he is a minority. So woo hoo to that.

Oh the other hand, Mike Huckabee is winning the ...

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