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Trust, Government and Health Care

There's currently something going on in Washington that Twitter has called "912dc" (New York Times story); it's a protest against not any particular act by government, but against government itself. More Jeffersonian than anarchistic, though.

This protest bothers me a lot, and I thought that maybe if I wrote down my ideas as to why, it'd bother me less. There are a few reasons why people protest what they call "big government":

  1. They feel that they don't need the services provided. – This covers a lot of the rich-white-libertarian group and doesn't get a response
  2. They feel that private industry can provide the services better than public government.
  3. They actually only disagree with some action of the government, but are protesting the whole thing anyway. — The foreign-born-Obama and 912dc intersection falls here
  4. (most rarely) They actually think the government is too big.

I'm sure that there are people at this rally for all of those reasons (and probably a few that I haven't considered), but there's really one that bothers me, and it's one that I hear espoused a lot.

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So, the news stations are calling the Iowa primary. And, I guess I'm happy. On the one hand, my preferred presidential candidate, Barack Obama, is being hailed as the winner of the Democratic primary. Which is awesome. I think his progressive policies are a breath of fresh air to the White House, and I think that it's time for this country to show the world that it is big enough to elect a man to the Oval Office even if he is a minority. So woo hoo to that.

Oh the other hand, Mike Huckabee is winning the Republican nomination …

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