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New Style

I decided that this website looked a little too much like a product of the early aughts, and decided to redo the theme. Key changes since the last revision:

  • No more Bootstrap
  • No more JavaScript (except for Commento and GoatCounter, neither of which impacts any important functionality)
  • Simpler layout that looks more like Web 1.0 and works better with browser-default stylesheets.
  • Some more-modern CSS features (all flexbox all the time, variables for all colors, a less-janky dark mode than before, using the ch unit for some text width things)

Hopefully it's a little less visually-distracting. 🤷

If you want to …

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Flexbox Rocks

Small update: I rewrote the CSS for this website to replace all of the Bootstrap Grid system stuff with straight up Flexbox. It's so much better! We should all use Flexbox for everything!

The "gallery" view (used in, e.g., the end of yesterday's "Life Updates" post) is also now Flexbox and better.

I tested this on a bunch of browsers and screen sizes, but please let me know if you find anything that looks broken.

I also got bored and made the tags page a tag cloud on wide-enough screens because it's like the 90's again.

Dark Mode

Small update: this website now supports "Dark Mode" on macOS 10.14+ iOS 13+, and the forthcoming Android Q, all using the prefers-color-scheme CSS media selector. Let me know if you see anything that looks janky!

Site Updates

Some minor site updates over the last few days:

  • Comments are now powered by Commento instead of Disqus. This significantly reduces page load size on pages with comments.
  • Icons (social media, etc) are all now 2x resolution for modern retina screens.
  • Site-specific search is now powered by DuckDuckGo instead of Google. No longer loads an iframe, significantly faster site-loads, and better privacy to boot.
  • Archives page works again. Did this ever work?
  • Page is back to being fluid instead of fixed-width.
  • Improved CSS across the board, particularly on mobile devices.
  • Code page is updated.

I also managed to backport in …

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