Link: PHP sucks

Posted Tue 10 April 2012 08:29 under category tech

One of my co-workers wrote up this gem on why PHP sucks. I don't agree with his points (having a "development server" isn't an important or even particularly useful feature of a framework, much less a language; prepared statements aren't the pinnacle of SQL), but he does do a good job of showing off some of PHP's more spectacular failings.

I'm naming all of my PHP functions __lambda_object now.

(yes; I do appreciate the irony of linking to his post from a formerly PHP site)

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Social psychology taken to a new level?

Posted Mon 04 February 2008 04:46 under category personal

Why pay somebody to tell you about yourself, when you can just ask your friends to do it? That seems to be the premise of this site, which I saw on an old note of Richard Mehlinger's (yes, Facebook is weird like that). So, yeah.

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