Election Ads, 2016 ed., Part 1

Posted Sat 04 June 2016 13:33 under category politics

Hello readers! If you've been living under a rock (or, really, anywhere that isn't California), this coming Tuesday (June 7th) is the most important primary election in California in recent memory! As befits such a momentous occasion, I've received another batch of election spam!1

2016 Primary Election Ads

Surprisingly, the biggest issue in this election in San Francisco isn't the presidential primary, but is instead the election of the Democratic County Central Committee (the DCCC); the vast majority of election spam that I received was either a complete slate for the DCCC, or an ad for an individual candidate.

I've decided to break down my analysis a little differently this year; I'll be counting each piece of mail separately for each issue it advertises for; therefore, the sums don't necessarily add up to the total amount of mail (42 pieces, if you're curious).

Candidate Office Pro Anti
Bernie Sanders2 President 1 -
Jane Kim CA State Senate 4 -
Scott Weiner CA State Senate 13 2
David Chiu CA State Assembly 7 -
Victor Hwang Judge 4 -
Sigrid Irías Judge 1 -
Paul Henderson[^henderson] Judge 5 -
London Breed DCCC 1 -
David Campos3 DCCC 1 -
Zoe Dunning DCCC 1 -
Josh Arce DCCC 1 2
Wade Woods DCCC 1 -
Aaron Peskin4 DCCC 1 2
John Golinger DCCC 1 -
Alysabeth Alexander DCCC 1 -
Pratima Gupta DCCC 1 -
Frances Hsieh DCCC 1 -
Cindy Wu DCCC 1 -

Beyond that, 15 of the flyers contained complete DCCC slates, most of which were either the Reform Slate or the Progressive Slate. A decent overview of the slates can be found at https://medium.com/@understanding_sf_politics/the-2016-san-francisco-dccc-elections-c0f6fc84537d.

And, of course, we always have a bunch of ballot propositions. Here are the tallies:

Proposition Pro Anti
SF Prop A 11 -
SF Prop B 13 2
SF Prop C 12 -
SF Prop D 9 -
SF Prop E 7 -
SF Measure AA 8 -
CA Prop 50 1 -

Using my estimate from last time of 35¢ per piece of mail, that's $14.70 spent advertising for this local primary election to my household alone. What an efficient use of money!

Anyhow, if you live in California, be sure to vote on Tuesday. I'm sure I'll see you again for another of these tallies in November.

  1. See also this and this

  2. That's right, we only got one ad for the Presidential election, and it's for Bernie. SF! 

  3. At time of writing, both of David Campos's sites are landing pages. Classy! 

  4. Another candidate whose website is down. What is this, 1995?