Hello imaginary readers! My name is James Brown (known online as Roguelazer since some time before the turn of the millenium). Once upon a time, I was a student at Harvey Mudd College, a magical engineering school in LA. Before that, I grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts. Nowadays, I live in Berkeley, California with my wife and toddler. I currently work for Instrumentl building software for nonprofits to manage grants. I did stints at Google, Yelp, Uber, and EasyPost before that. I've been pinging around the Internet for a few decades. Usual caveat applies: my views are not those of my employers, and my employers' views sure aren't my own.

I'm not on the market for a new job right now, but I do keep a resume up at resume.pdf if you're curious.

This is at least the fifth incarnation of this website, depending on how you count the times that it's been just a blog. It's currently a bunch of of Markdown files processed by Pelican. It shares some configuration with the family website that my wife and I share at brown-delair.net.

If you're really super-bored, I have a list of old computers that I've used over the years.

You can generally contact me at roguelazer@roguelazer.com. You can also find me on libera.chat and slashnet as @roguelazer. Or, really, any of the social media sites in the sidebar. If you would like to communicate with me securely, you can find my PGP key at roguelazer.asc.