New Site, Yet Again

Hello valiant readers. It's that time again. I've grown bored of what I had and moved on to something new. In this case, I've decided to migrate to WordPress, and to make it my primary website instead of being hidden away on a subdomain. I'm going to attempt to mix a "traditional" static-content website with a sort of blog idea. now includes (lambda x blog), and more. We'll see how that works. Anyhow, I've imported everything from Blogger, so we should be good to go

If you're keeping count, this makes my fifth weblog, although that's counting things from well before the terms "weblog" or "blog" had been introduced. And that's not counting the (many) old implementations of, most of which had some sort of a news feed that I treated like a blog.

Anyhow, welcome, and I hope you enjoy the new site.

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