iPhone 6

iPhone 6

Hello friends. As you may remember from a few years ago, I am an iPhone user. Like several million of you, I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 6 this year. I thought I'd share some really brief impressions:

  • The 6 is gigantic. I have no idea how anyone is using the 6+. The photo above shows my 5s (which was already quite large) looking dwarfed by the 6. It still doesn't have anything on the iPad, though.
  • The curved edges of the front really do feel a lot better for the forward/backward swipe gestures in iOS when compared to the flat screens of the iPhone 5s and the iPad.
  • The screen is noticably better, particularly from extreme angles. Check out this shot of the two iphones and the iPad from a very low angle and in the dark; there's no contest about the contrast:
iPhone 6 angles
  • The screen is also noticeably cooler; setting a white background on it next to my iPhone 5s or my rMBP makes the 5s look yellow, the rMBP look neutral, and the 6 look blue.
  • iTunes is terrible. It took me at least two hours to get the iPhone up and running because when I plugged it in to restore from backup (thinking that a USB2 connection would be faster than restoring from "the cloud" over my Comcast internet connection), iTunes insisted on installing the versions of all my applications which it had backed up some time in 2013. So then I had to go download updates to 70+ applications over the WiFi anyway. Blech.
  • This is more of an iOS 8 thing, but Swype is great. I remember having it on the Motorola Droid that we had to use for on-call at Yelp and liking it there, and it seems to have made the transition to iOS with aplomb.
  • The camera does indeed focus faster. Otherwise, it seems identical to the iPhone 5S camera.
  • I wish it didn't have a camera bump. I might get a case (which I never do) just to hide the camera bump. Maybe the new Karvt skins will be thick enough to be level with it?
  • Scaled-up applications are really annoying. Jason Snell does a good job of explaining why in his iPhone 6/6+ Preview; the keyboard is the wrong size on scaled-up apps. And, of course, third-party keyboards are disabled in scaled-up apps. I am very eager for Tweetbot, Hipchat, and Google's apps to update.

That's it for now.

Sorry for going so long between posts; I have some posts with actually content (instead of just commercial blathering) in them queued up, and maybe I'll put one of those up soon.

Until then, ciao.

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