Recipe to Crash a Kindle

Kindle Here's a fun thing that I've just discovered:

  1. Purchase an Amazon Kindle 2 (this trick may work on other versions)
  2. Download the MobiPocket version of The Devil's Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce
  3. Copy the .mobi file into your Kindle documents folder
  4. Open the copy of the book that appears on your device
  5. Enjoy the frequent crashes and random "java.lang.integer" exception errors that pop up (even when you do not have the book open!)
  6. Fight with the Kindle for a while until you realize that it's this book, remove it from your device, and reboot the device (yes, this step is required)

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the Center for Not Being Annoyed at Your E-Book Reader.

As an aside, I absolutely adore my Kindle. I use it on my train ride and at lunch pretty much every day. I thought that I might regret not having the Kindle DX with it's bigger screen but the Kindle 2 is the perfect size. And Whispernet+real books from Amazon is a killer feature. Being able to actually get books, unsurprisingly, makes me read more. I'd just like it more if, you know, it never crashed.

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