What's Next?

Today was my last day at EasyPost. At a bit over seven years1 this was the longest-running job I've ever had, which is very odd to think about. In those seven years, the company's grown from 10 people sitting around a scavenged table in another company's lobby on 2nd St in San Francisco to a large enterprise with a veritable hydra of subsidiaries and hundreds of employees; from one transaction per second to thousands; from 50,000 SLoC in one monolithic application to several million SLoC in hundreds of microservices. While I was at EasyPost, I seem to have done 19,752 commits (1,226,816 +, 995,640 -), which is about 25% of the total commits across the codebases. Those commits led to 11,096 deploys, so I guess I didn't quite nail the continuous integration thing. I also built a few teams, ran hundreds of trainings on various topics, and attended somewhere in the vicinity of 4,000 meetings. Oh yeah, and I also wrote a bunch of blog posts2.

In retrospect, seven years is probably too long to stay at a startup... We built a bunch of neat stuff, but at some point every startup either fails or lives to see itself become an enterprise. Anyhow, I'm off to another very small company where I can learn some new things and build some new products. I'm sure you'll hear about it here soon.


2564 days; 1832 business days

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